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Easily write the daily work report for any construction job



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As its name indicates, Libro de Obra is a highly recommended multi-platform application that allows engineers and architects to complete a report that includes all of the materials and steps necessary for completing a job, regardless of its size.

It is a tool that allows you to perfectly document your visits and inspections of a job site, monitor the tasks being carried out, and effectively manage all the clients of the construction company. You can gather all kinds of information about the job site: from what the weather was like that day, the people that were there, photographs of the status of the jobs, or the materials used.

Libro de Obra is compatible with Android and iOS mobile devices, so you'll be able to synch up to the application in order to transfer pictures and insert data directly from your smartphone. Additionally, all of the reports can be generated in PDF format and sent by email to specific addresses.

2-year trial version limited to 5 companies.

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